A Day in the Life of a Marketing Coordinator

As a visual learner, it always helps to see something explained rather than just read or hear about it. Since the objective of this blog is to enlighten and guide social media laggards, I invite you to take a look at a day in the life of a marketing coordinator, as told by yours truly.

This slideshow represents a snapshot of what a typical day at work might include for someone like me, whose job is to learn brand identity and share it across social media to create conversation around the product. Of course, every day is different, but much of what you will see, from brand analysis to social media planning, plays a part in my daily work duties and activities to at least some degree.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am currently working on one of the brands that Raze Media represents, Republic Spirit Blends. Enjoy!



One thought on “A Day in the Life of a Marketing Coordinator

  1. As an aspiring digital marketing professional, I enjoy not only your blog but the how you took the time to describe your average day. Also being an visual learner, I understand the importance to focus on brand’s identity and show it to people on social media. Bravo on the photos- looks like a great place to work!

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