Dos and Don’ts of Social Media for Businesses

The Dos and Don’ts of social media for businesses are fairly simple when it comes down to it. However, even though the guidelines are apparently straightforward, there is oftentimes room for crossing boundaries and committing social media no-nos.

This info-graphic outlines the specific Dos and Don’ts associated with social media for marketing your business or brand. What you DO want to do is have a plan for your image. How do you want social media to reflect what you want to convey? Create measurable goals for yourself, and reach them with engaging content that creates conversation and encourages your audience to share it to expand and build your network. More than anything, be a good listener so that you can relate to your audience and better understand how your business or brand can improve to meet its target market’s needs.

DON’T be selfish on social media. Always remember to thank your followers who actively participate with your brand’s posts, and don’t use generic marketing techniques or be pushy while trying to attain your goals.

Follow this simple advice and social media will be the best thing to happen to your business’ marketing strategy!


One way to ensure that you stay on top of your goals and that your social media is on track is to commit to compiling a monthly report that analyses your brand or business’ improvements from the prior month, what you did and will continue to work on, and your objectives for the upcoming month. The easiest way to do this is to decide what you want your monthly report will include, create a basic format on PowerPoint, and then simply update it each month and save it as  PDF so that you can easily send it to other people in your team.

Shown below is an example of the content of a monthly report that I put together for two brands that I represent, Republic Tequila and Republic Spirit Blends. Simply click through the slides to enlarge:





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